Mr. Control as a high-end bike component supplier combines excellent manufacturing technology with innovative industrial design.
We have been trying to develop a bottle cage that won' t be limited by the size of the bike frame, can be pulled out and put back so easily, and suitable for all types of challenging roads.


After tireless testing, we' ve finally developed the best side-pull bottle cage WB-R1-20C with a dual-insertion trajectory design.
Through the water bottle, the single arm center shifts 15mm, and the contact surface of pulling out or putting back the bottle comes with a lead angle of 43°.

It provides excellent efficiency of inserting the water bottle for the rider to easily “slide” thebottle in the secure position without popping out.

Also, the hidden quick buckling storage design does not waste any storage space, and the environment-friendly and durable "nylon carbon long fiber" material provides a lightweight and reliable riding experience !

                                                                                                                                         Normal Quick Buckling Storage


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